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Welcome to Advanced Hearing Systems

Our ability to hear is a very complex and intricate system. It allows each of us to filter, decode, associate, and interpret the world around us. Our hearing ability may start with the ear, but it ends with extensive activity within the brain. In a fraction of a second, our hearing abilities suppress noise, identify a selected language, target sounds, and enhance specific voices. When hearing loss occurs, it creates changes in these hearing abilities. There can be problems with noise interference, sound tolerance, speech identification, and to some degree, the ability to carry on a conversation can become difficult. Our hearing loss can affect our relationships with other people, how we perceive ourselves, and how we are perceived by others. Call (757) 554-0661 today to schedule a Free Hearing Examination and Consultation.

Hearing loss can affect people of all ages. The lack of normal hearing in infants and children can delay the development of speech and language skills. This can result in social as well as educational difficulties. Adults may find the initial stages of hearing loss hard to identify as daily communication is gradually impaired. Scientists and clinicians agree that the early identification and treatment of hearing loss is vital to our quality of life and our health.

When hearing loss does develop, personal relationships can become stressed as understanding conversation becomes difficult for both listener and speaker. Typically a spouse may be the first to notice conversational errors. These may also become noticeable to other family members, a coworker or friend. How a person deals with a hearing loss and manages their hearing needs are the keys to being successful in overcoming this difficulty. Appropriately fitted hearing aids that compliment your lifestyle, other listening devices, a good attitude and listening skills, can make hearing loss more manageable. The result can be an improvement in the quality of your life and the lives of those that care about you.

Advanced Hearing Systems understands these issues and is uniquely qualified to help individuals and families experiencing hearing loss. We built our practice with the determination to understand our patients hearing challenges, their concerns and life style goals. Call (757) 554-0661 today to schedule a Free Hearing Examination and Consultation.